The Cross College, Campus, Course ZINE Collab Project!

Pictures That I Originally Chose For My First Image:

To start this project, I used these three pictures above using the Adobe Photoshop app. The picture with a girl was my main background picture. After using different Photoshop tools to alter the image the way I want it to be, I inserted the other two images which were also from Pixabay to create the full look. I used the adjustment tool for hue saturation and color balance, and the filter tool for swirls, texture, blurriness, glossy, and toolbox on the side to crop and delete the background of the first image.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is third-OFFICAL-LOOK-copy-791x1024.jpg
“Technology Should Improve Your Life..Not Become Your Life” ~BILLY COX

The main concept of this image was to portray how technology can negatively impact someone’s mental health yet it can be positive at the same time considering the use of different bright colors in that swirl image which had a bunch of technical terms that are now invisible.

Original Pictures For My Second Image That I Chose:

Although, the project mentions to have at least three images, however, I decide to create more because of how therapeutic and enjoyable it is. The main reason is because of my friend, Samira, who is also in this class “CT101”. She showed me her final look for the project and I was amazed and fascinated by her picture. Due to that, I decided to recreate the look, the first one that I created was because it was a class assignment and I didn’t do with enthusiastic or willingly. However, seeing how creative and beautiful her was, I searched for more technology-based images from since the project was based on that and chose these two images.

Adjustment of the two Images.

First, a thing that I did was adjust the image according to my idea. I wanted the background to be unpredictable. Technology can be empowering or a person’s downfall. I decided to use the second image because it gives positivity vibe even though the background seems negative due to its unpredictability yet little constructive. The colors of the background image are contradicting it’s real look in my opinion, unknown but could be a good unknown destination.

Hue saturation and Color Balance

The trees in the cell phone represent how things can look positive but can take you to places where you might never have thought of which can be negative as you can see the person is giving off different vibes from the bright colors.

I used the color balance and hue saturation to contradict the message that the image is portraying about technology and life. I also used a lightening effect for the last image using a pink color tone.

Lightening Effect

I had a good time creating the second project look compare to the first one because of the vibe that I felt from it. I am proud of myself on how creative I was. I had a lot of fun creating it.

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