My name is Arooj Kousar and I am 20 years old. Born in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, and came to the United States at the age of 9. Reading, cooking, cleaning, spending time with my friends, and doing my own things is something I prefer. I am currently an upper junior at majoring in Counseling Psychology. I will be using this website to explore my creativity and interests. Furthermore, I will be sharing my opinions and thoughts on certain matters, cultures/culture stigmas, my personal experiences, short stories, feelings from time to time using different methods of writing, etc. In addition, I will be using this website as a way to relieve my stress by venting my emotions, things that I am stress about, poems, work of those who are interested in posting it on my website, and things I find and feel burdensome. Finally, something to those who might check the website out and read a few of my posts, please do not message me asking I am okay or especially if we are not close or are strangers because it will only make me feel uncomfortable and irritated. Another reason being is that it makes me feel weird and exposed. I just want to express myself without people empathizing. This is my way of relieving my emotions, stress, and because I hate writing. I prefer typing. I want people to be able to relate and be able to confide in my stories if that makes sense. You can like it, relate to it, email me what you thought about it, suggestions, or anonymously share something of yours that you would like me to post on my website. I will try my best to reply on time, however, I do not guarantee if I am going to be posting on a daily basis because my posts are according to my mood, emotions, and experiences.