My Personal Website 🤪

Personally, I am not really sure what this website is really going to about but a few mixture of things that I could pinpoint right now would be random goofy things, interesting psychology facts, my personal point of view on life, poems, quotes, & love or marriage. I might even talk about my morning routines or what I do on a daily basis. ‘

I am also going to explore my creativity, personal interests, what I enjoy doing, dislikes, favorite books that I have read or the ones I have not. Why do I enjoy cleaning, reading, and being organized. How do I manage my college and personal life. I will be posting different and random things. Lastly, I am going to be posting things about Zayn Malik and Lee Seung Gi.


Personal Hygienes

It’s very important to take care of yourself and be clean. You do not want to ruin someone’s face expression or their nostrils by not showering or brushing your teeth.

My face when people breath stinks…

Be Patient

It’s easy to say “be patient” but the hardest thing is to achieve it and implement it. Always look at things closely, observe them, try to be understanding about it, put yourself in their position, and watch what you say. If you want others to love you or you want to love someone then try to find it in yourself first that loveliness before you try to do it with others. Believe that you are lovable before you try to look in someone else because you will never find it till you learn the meaning of it. Learn how to love yourself, how to be patient with yourself, to not be harsh with yourself and be understanding with yourself.