There is this Jungle. It has a lot of branches that are mangled together, you do not know where one starts from and where it ends. Some branches are old worn-out and while some are fresh breathing wounds. Do not step on either, because one can not know if they are healed or not. You might end up opening doors that you did not intend to. They are angry, frustrated, irritated, anxious, mad, & anguished. It’s complicated, you can not even imagine its complexity. if you did then you probably end up with a dead-end. Is there an edge? They do not know yet, but they are looking for it. however, it seems to be hard and continues to torment them as they run, run, run… they feel uneasy, fearful, anxious that there might not be one. How does it feel to be stuck in a forest or trapped in a prison with no end or light? The body is in the jungle but the soul is not there. They start to question their existence, belief, & faith. For how long do they have to continue this? For how long do they have to be patient and understanding? They wish to scream and shout profanities. But they can not. They have to stay quiet, keeping believing that there is an end, be patient, endure, not let a single word out. They have to stay in that jungle, the jungle of past, present, and future failures. They have to worry about the future, constantly. Will they make it to the end of the jungle or not? Will the present drown them in the contstant state of pain? Will they keep dwelling on the past? Will the constant fear, anxiety, pain corrupt them or gnaw them alive?