Carries an ability that plants it seed’s of understanding

Honesty like a bitter gourd

Improves your life like a functional technology

Broken yet brave

Gentle yet strong

A one and only

Resilient at the broken places

A lesson that’s unforgettable and toughest to let go of

Energy that’s worth of time

A language with different version of life

A perspective with courageous and beautiful experiences

A one and only

A flower that’s gentle to touch yet hardest to approach into

Value’s loyalty and faith

Friendship, flaws, non-judgemental

Pure and beautiful secrets that are held sacred

Love like a black rose

A one and only

Smile like a bird in flight

A balm that heals the wounds

A needle that mends the bridges

Silence that’s comfortable to ears and heart

Consistency in promises and warmth in her tone

A one and only

Our relation like no other

Understanding like a floating balloon and waves of the ocean

Trust like a purified liquid

Stubborn like a throbbing thorn

Apologize’s once a year like a full moon arrival

A one and only


4 Replies to “KhAdiJa’s”

  1. Aww I love the poem it’s beautifully worded if u exclude the stubborn part 😝😝😝. Am not even that stubborn. But the poem really goes out to me I appreciate it sis. 😋🎉😋🎉

    1. Thank god, it does. BTW stop with the sis thing. I hate that word. You should know why tho. And you can show it to other people as well, they just have to visit my website.

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