My Favorite Two Things😋😴

As much as I enjoy cleaning, organizing, and cooking, I enjoy eating and sleeping even more. My love for food is like my love for my religion and myself.

Food is a necessity that other people love and motivating conversation can not fulfill. The only thing it will do is that it will instigate more hunger. When I am hungry, I can not think straight nor I can keep a polite conversation.

People love and care but they can betray and hurt your feelings. Food only gives you love that is sincere and wholehearted.

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I can not even begin to emphasize the importance of sleeping, even though, we have so many things to do. My love for sleeping officially descended once I started college. I am always ready to sleep no matter where I am or who I am with. You know you had a good sleep when you have a less “beauty sleeping” look, and more like a drooling and a troll look. 🤡

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You want to become something that you like, then go to sleep. Prioritize yourself, your mental and physical health, your sleep, and your food.


Creating this GIF project was very fun and interesting. It reminded me of the time when we were exploring DS106 and I was seeing some of the best and creative GIF’s that I wanted to do. However, at the time I felt I was not capable due to not knowing how to do and the skills to do it. Being able to do that made me really proud of myself.

These two were my favorite GIF’s. I really enjoyed creating it by using different adjustment tools, filters, animation, and styles. One of my difficulties is trying to find the correct tool that I am interested in or wanted to use. With little bit of help from my friend who is also in the same class, I was able to achieve the look I wanted it. My next goal is to create a GIF from a video and I think that will be really cool and refreshing.

Farewell To My Beloved CT101

I never thought I would be writing this but here we are.

It has been fun and exciting for past few weeks being part of CT101. I have learned much more than I have learned in my other classes. Being in this class has taught me so many new things, creative ways to explore my creativity using different tools and techniques which I am very thankful of. It was a very expressive and innovative journey for me. I will miss being part of this class. This is my personal website. 

My Personal Website 🤪

Personally, I am not really sure what this website is really going to about but a few mixture of things that I could pinpoint right now would be random goofy things, interesting psychology facts, my personal point of view on life, poems, quotes, & love or marriage. I might even talk about my morning routines or what I do on a daily basis. ‘

I am also going to explore my creativity, personal interests, what I enjoy doing, dislikes, favorite books that I have read or the ones I have not. Why do I enjoy cleaning, reading, and being organized. How do I manage my college and personal life. I will be posting different and random things. Lastly, I am going to be posting things about Zayn Malik and Lee Seung Gi.


Personal Hygienes

It’s very important to take care of yourself and be clean. You do not want to ruin someone’s face expression or their nostrils by not showering or brushing your teeth.

My face when people breath stinks…

Be Patient

It’s easy to say “be patient” but the hardest thing is to achieve it and implement it. Always look at things closely, observe them, try to be understanding about it, put yourself in their position, and watch what you say. If you want others to love you or you want to love someone then try to find it in yourself first that loveliness before you try to do it with others. Believe that you are lovable before you try to look in someone else because you will never find it till you learn the meaning of it. Learn how to love yourself, how to be patient with yourself, to not be harsh with yourself and be understanding with yourself.