My Favorite Two Things😋😴

As much as I enjoy cleaning, organizing, and cooking, I enjoy eating and sleeping even more. My love for food is like my love for my religion and myself.

Food is a necessity that other people love and motivating conversation can not fulfill. The only thing it will do is that it will instigate more hunger. When I am hungry, I can not think straight nor I can keep a polite conversation.

People love and care but they can betray and hurt your feelings. Food only gives you love that is sincere and wholehearted.

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I can not even begin to emphasize the importance of sleeping, even though, we have so many things to do. My love for sleeping officially descended once I started college. I am always ready to sleep no matter where I am or who I am with. You know you had a good sleep when you have a less “beauty sleeping” look, and more like a drooling and a troll look. 🤡

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You want to become something that you like, then go to sleep. Prioritize yourself, your mental and physical health, your sleep, and your food.

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